Rubber Gaskets Garlock Style 22 Garlock Branded Gaskets Garlock-3000-Blue-Gard Garlock 3300 Submittal – Material Spec Sheet Garlock 3400 Spec Sheet Garlock Garlock Multi-Swell 3760-U Generic Non-Asbestos Gasket Teadit NA1001 Non-Asb Gasket  

Click on the link below to print or download the submittal information   Carbon Steel GRADE ASTM A307 GRADE ASTM A193 B7 Stainless Steel Type 316 Stainless Steel GRADE ASTM A193 B8 304ss GRADE ASTM A193 B8M 316ss

Bolt Brokers is a leading Distributor of flange kits for the Waterworks industry.  We pride ourselves on having Domestic and Import standard bolt and nut kit sizes in various “off the shelf” and ready to ship.  In addition to standard zinc plated bolt and nuts kits, we also stock NBG kits in 304ss and type […]